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Year 4 National Multiplication Test

What times tables should Year 4 know?

Each pupil will be tested on their times tables up to 12×12. The test consists of 25 questions and each child has precisely 6 seconds to submit their answer. Below you can see how the questions are presented.

The test is an online digital assessment that pupils will take at school. Therefore, they will not be expected to bring in their own device. Schools will provide computers or tablets for pupils to complete the test.

The Multiplication Tables Check is supposed to take 5 minutes. At the beginning, your child will be introduced to some simple practice questions. Once they fully understand how to input their answers into the system, the test will begin.


Is it possible to know which questions will appear in the Year 4 times tables test?

All the questions are selected at random from 2 x 2 to 12 x 12. You may be interested to know that the test’s algorithm is designed to show students harder multiplication questions from the 6 times table and above. The table below displays the upper and lower limits for the number of items of each multiplication table that may be used in each check form.



What is the pass mark for the Year 4 times tables test?

Good news for teachers and examiners, the marking process is entirely computerised and automatic! Results will be available after students have completed their test. Each student will be given a score out of 25. It is important that each child submits their answer by pressing ‘enter’ before time runs out, otherwise the answer will not be recorded.

There is currently no standard by which a pupil either passes or fails, the objective is to give teachers an idea of whether pupils require further support. The Department for Education will publish a report for each school on their overall results, but these results will not be passed on to parents or pupils.


What resources are available to prepare for the Year 4 times tables test?

Build times tables into your daily routine.

We advise setting aside 10-15 minutes per day to run through the times tables with your child. You might think about doing this while you drive them to school to prepare them for the day ahead. You could also do it as a warm-up to their homework as a means of helping them to refocus. Short but consistent practice is an excellent way to help keep your child’s mind sharp.


Take the time to use online resources

Maths Frame has a version of the Year 4 times tables test which is available for free. The website also has many other free online maths games for kids. As it is styled as a game, it could help if your child is resistant to revision. Incorporating this at the beginning or end of your homework routine is a highly effective way to prepare for the assessment. This website also has a number of multiplication practice papers that can be downloaded for free.

Consider using BBC Bitesize as a supplement to what your child is learning at school. BBC Bitesize is working with White Rose Maths to create a series of catch up lessons for Year 4 students. Use the term planner to view the entire curriculum, which will cover a number of times tables in addition to other multiplication problems.

Finally, TTRockstars sound check game is a very close link to the actual test - Your child should know their username and password. If they have forgotten it, School can help just get in touch. 


What can parents do to help prepare for the Year 4 times tables test?

Supporting your child in mastering their times tables is the best way to supplement what they’re already learning at school. Every child is different, they learn at different speeds and understand multiplication differently to each of their peers. there is a list of possible website your child may want to try out at home to get used to the test before the real one!


Multiplication Test Practice Websites -