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Curriculum Drivers

Our Curriculum Drivers

We want our children to be life-long learners who have the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in the 21st Century.   We want them to know that they are global citizens who are ready to take on the challenge of looking after our planet. We look back at events and people in the past to learn about how our world was formed and take from it what we need to know for our own futures.  Our Methodist ethos guides our children to discover their own spirituality and extend their aspirations and horizons of what is possible in the future.


Curriculum Driver 1: Spirituality, Values and Virtues

Our Curriculum Drivers ensure that we give our children the opportunities to become aware of the world in new ways.  We wonder about things in life that are amazing and things that make us question what is happening.  Children learn about life in all its fullness.  Children are given an opportunity to reflect on their experiences, to think about life’s big questions and to consider their answers.  We develop in our children a sense of belonging and understanding of their place in the world.


Curriculum Driver 2: Global Dimensions

Everyone, no matter where they live, is part of a global community.  Our unique rural setting means that we strive to bring the world to our children through the breadth and depth of our Curriculum.  We help them to understand the preciousness of the planet we live on and that they are the custodians of its future.  We want them to aspire to a more just and sustainable future – a future of their own making.  They are the scientists, engineers, biologists, carers and teachers for future generations.


Curriculum Driver 3: Possibilities of Thought

We know our learners are capable of doing great things beyond school.  We are passionate about ensuring that even from a young age, they are exposed to a range of possibilities to broaden their aspirations and build their confidence.  In discreet subjects, we learn about experts and people of influence, as well as what their roles entail.  Wherever possible we encourage visits from specialists in their fields, eg explorers, astronomers and creators linked to the areas of study.  We want them to be curious about different aspects and motivated to learn more through reflection and asking questions.


Curriculum Driver 4: Future Aspirations

Children develop a positive identity, high self-esteem and a secure sense of place, belonging and history which enables them to understand both their rights, roles and responsibilities and those of others. We encourage them to work alongside and empathise with people from all backgrounds.  Through providing a rich and varied school experience, as well as giving them a thirst to know more, we look to encourage every child to develop their own unique strengths and talents.  We want them to take pride in themselves and be the very best they can be.  Our school is a caring community where children learn to look out for each other and have mutual respect.