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Regular Reminders & Useful Information

Requests for paper copies of any policies or documents are available on request from the school office (subject to GDPR regulations) 


Useful Information and Reminders


        PE kits needed on Wednesdays please       



We need to know why your child is not at school by the time registers close at 9.10am each day.  When reporting absences, please use either:


·         The Office phone 01580 830256

·         Email


Medical Appointments

As you will be aware, we ask parents to try to keep medical appointment times ‘til after school.  We realise, however, sometimes this is not possible.  When an appointment has to be made during the school day, please can you supply some form of confirmation (appointment card, letter, etc.).  This is necessary for us the keep in the class register.  If you do not have written confirmation of the appointment, please come to the office and ask for one of our Medical Absence forms to complete.  Thank you for your confirmation with this.



We have staff who have undergone training in order to administer medicine in school.  If your child has to have prescribed medicine during the day, please come to the school office for a form, giving permission and information about dosage, etc.  Prescribed medicine must have the correct prescription sticker on it with the child’s name and dosage.


Before and After School

In the mornings, the playground is open from 8.45am.  School staff are on duty from 8.50am when children may then be left.  The bell is rung at 8.55am when children line up, ready to walk into school.  Please say goodbye to your child in the playground, other than Swallows parents who are welcome to walk their children round to their classroom but please allow them to take their belongings into the classroom themselves so they learn to organise their belongings themselves.

We ask that every effort is made for your child to be on the playground by 8.55am.  Children who are late into school are often upset that they are rushing in and it also disturbs the learning that has already begun.

After School the children are brought out to you on the playground.  The school day ends at 3.30pm and often the older children work up to 3.30pm, meaning that they may come out a couple of minutes after that.



Email Communication

We use email as a preferred method of communication when we send out correspondence to the whole school, which includes a permission slip.  We will leave hard copies of these letter outside the school office so you can pick up a paper copy should you wish to.  We are happy to provide a paper copy to anyone who isn’t able to receive email.



We use Parentmail to send text messages, is for example a club or activity is cancelled on the day or there is a last minute change to event details.



If you are not already receiving school newsletters by email please contact the School Office so that your name can be added to the list.  Paper copies of the newsletter are available outside the School Office.

Home Learning

Home learning is an important part of school; children whose parents support them at home tend to be more confident and ready to move forward.  We appreciate your help with reading, simple Maths tasks or topic projects.  Each class has its own home learning routines which are explained in meetings with parents at the beginning of the year and in termly topic letters.  You are welcome to ask questions about any home learning tasks from the class teacher but we also like to encourage independence with regard to children completing any home learning tasks and remembering to bring in their homework book on the right day.




Toys of any sort should not be brought into school unless specifically requested by the class teacher as part of a class project.


Weather – hot and cold

Children need their playtimes and enjoy being with their friends in the playground or on the MUGA.  Our School Uniform Policy states that children should have a warm and waterproof coat in the winter, as we go outside in all weathers.  In the summer, we ask that children come to school already wearing long lasting sun cream and with a sun hat, as lunchtime is at the hottest part of the day.


Water Bottles

Please provide your child with a named water bottle.  Water is crucial to being healthy and ready to learn and children have access to their bottles at regular intervals throughout the day.  They have water jugs on the tables at lunchtime too.  Please do not put anything other than water in your child’s bottle.  We ask children to take them home everyday in order that they can be cleaned.


School Lunches

Ordering lunches

All school lunch orders need to be placed in advance via the Parentpay website.  This can be done daily, weekly or monthly.  Orders should be placed by 8.30am on the day.   Catering for a large number of children is made difficult when orders are not placed in advance and it can disappoint and upset the children when we are not able to provide the meal that they were expecting.


Free School Meal Entitlement

As you will be aware, all Key Stage 1 children are entitled to Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) and we would encourage parents to take advantage of this wherever possible.  However, if through benefit entitlement (eg: low family income, income support, income based job seekers allowance, etc.), your child is eligible for Free School Meals, regardless of age, we need to be informed please.  This is because each child’s eligibility bring to the school budget £1,300, which your child will benefit from.  This additional funding will enable us to provide extra resources, for example, free school trips in future, extra resources in class, Homework Club, extra classroom support, etc.  You need to apply and register your eligibility, otherwise the school will not receive this additional funding.  If you feel that you may qualify, please contact the school office.


School Photography Policy

If you are not familiar with the School Photography Policy, it can be found on the school website under Policies and Documents.  In particular, can we remind you that it contains the following clause:  please ensure that any and all images and video taken at school events are exclusively for personal use and are not uploaded on to the internet, posted on social networking sites or openly shared in other ways?


School Uniform

We take pride in the appearance of our children and aim to encourage them to take care of their own clothes.  We ask that you make sure your child is dressed according to our School Uniform Policy (see on website).  Could you please ensure that children with long hair have it tied back with suitable, school coloured hair bands?  Also, please ensure that children wear school shoes and not black trainers?  Any children with pierced ears should only wear small, plain studs.  They should be able to remove these themselves for PE lessons and After School Sports Clubs.


East Sussex Benefits Advice Line

This advice line can help to resolve problems quickly, either by phone or by putting parents and carers in touch with an advisor who can meet face to face.  The advisors are experienced in all aspects of the benefits system, from answering simple questions to helping people apply for benefits, fill in forms or help to sort out problems if things have gone wrong.  The benefits system can be confusing and with changes that have been made this year, and still further changes to come, navigating the system isn’t easy for everyone.  As well as directly supporting parents and carers, the advisors can give information and advice to school staff and children’s services practitioners to guide them when working with families.

The service is for any living in East Sussex of working age.  The Helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.  Calls cost no more than national rate calls.  Call 0333 344 0681.