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Term 3 and 4 Through the Ages

Our new topic is titled ‘Through the Ages’ and have been learning about The Stone Age in many different ways. The children have enjoyed all the new texts coming into the classroom and choosing them to read up themselves about what life was like in The Stone Age. We started looking at where The Stone Age was on our huge classroom history timeline and the children had great questions that they want to find out about as we learn more. Robins have been enjoying our Stone Age artefacts from Hastings Museum and learning all about them with hands on experiences! In art, we began investigating the question of ‘who were the first artists?’ looking at cave art and why it may have been created. They are all excited to use charcoal and create our own hand stencils later this term. We began our whole class text ‘UG, Boy Genius of The Stone Age’ and have been focusing on the relationships between the characters so far. We have all decided stone trousers must have been very uncomfortable for our book character UG and are excited to design some new ones in DT next term! 

Have a look at our topic page to find out more about what Robins will be learning over the next two terms in each area of the curriculum.

Here are our BIG questions we started with for each area:

  • HISTORY - How did humans live during the Stone Age?

  • GEOGRAPHY - Why do we need rivers?

  • SCIENCE - How does light affect shadows?

  • SCIENCE - What do living things need to survive?

  • ART - Who were the first artists?