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Religious Education


Courage                                            Co-operation                                                     Friendship

                              Honesty                                                          Respect                                                      Responsibility


At Staplecross, we follow the East Sussex Agreed Syllabus and have invested time and thought into building up a 2 year Long Term Plan which gives the children a secure base of knowledge and understanding in Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism.  RE lessons are also linked to our Christian Values, adding to the children’s sense of belonging to a Christian school.


Our principal aim is to give our children religious literacy in order that they can have an informed and balanced conversation about religion and belief.  We strongly want our children to gain a sense of tolerance and understanding with regard to religion and to be able to make connections with their own lives.


In addition, we have incorporated Methodism as a thread which runs through our Long Term Plan so that the children know who John Wesley was and how his teaching is part of our Christian Values at Staplecross. There is a unit of learning which incorporates Methodism in each year and every child has a John Wesley book which they use for any RE lesson which relates to Methodism.  We take the older children to Winchelsea every other year to visit Wesley’s tree and the Methodist chapel, as well as the bigger Church of England church.


Where possible, we make use of the local church for hands on learning.  Links to other subjects are not forced but natural connections and comparisons are made use of.