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Term 1 and 2 - Working Life

Working Life - Here are some questions we will be considering and finding out about!

  • How did the landscape change in the 19th Century?
  • Who is L.S. Lowry and why was he so significant in history?
  • Everyday Materials: What is a material and why has it been used?
  • How can we be safe on the internet?
  • How do you know it’s a ‘Lowry’?
  • How has the land around us been used?


We started the topic reading the book 'The Little House' by Virginia Lee Burton where we learnt about how the landscape around the house changed.  The children identified human and physical features to create a comparison drawing.  They watched the work of the artist Stephen Wiltshire who draws using pen and ink large panoramic drawings all from memory!  We have learnt about L.S. Lowry and how he painted with just 5 colours and painted everything he saw around him.  The children have been learning how to use water colour to mix the primary colours and use white and black to make light and dark colours.  Because we have an amazing view from our classroom and playground, we took our art outside and painted the landscape in front of us!  In PSHE we have been learning about sadness and how it is an important feeling and can help us make a change and seek help.  The children spoke about how a trusted adult could be your parents or carers so they designed their own family island to show what they enjoyed doing together.  In dance we have been exploring bringing a Lowry painting to life looking at the matchstick men and women and mirroring some of the movements from the ballet 'The Simple Man' based on a Lowry work of art.